Thursday, January 19, 2012

Three Little Birds

Here I am sitting on the futon downstairs in our extra bedroom. It's currently a meditation/yoga/reading/writing room, but it's function will change soon I think. Anyway, for now, I am writing in it. It's nice and cozy in here because it's sunny out and I have this awesome space heater that looks like a little wood stove. It looks so cute in here, and that makes me happy, not just the heat it produces.

Just outside my window there is a red osier dogwood bush. The thing is a monster, and I hate trimming it. So it grows and grows and grows. But it does have its advantages. For one, the birds love it. Looking out from where I'm sitting, I can see three house finches sitting on the branches. Wyatt the cat was sitting in the window watching them, but he gave that up to go sleep in a nice sunny spot on the rocking chair. Who can blame him? If I were his size, I'd nap there too. I leaned over so I could see more of the bush, and I counted as many as 14 finches in the bush. They are really cute with their feathers all fluffed out to stay warm. One just flew away to go get some food from the bird feeder. I used to have the bird feeder next to the bush, right outside the other window in this room, but it the pole it was hanging from wasn't very firmly planted in the ground and kept falling over, so I moved it to the deck. That's a nice location because now we can see the birds feeding from the living room and dining room.

We live in a suburban neighborhood, so we don't get a big variety of birds, but that's okay. I like the finches and the chickadees. Once in a while we'll see a cardinal. It's a nice yard, even nicer when I take care of it. But yard work will have to wait until probably March or April. It's frightfully cold out right now. The dog isn't getting a walk today. But for now, he's napping in the sun on the floor next to Wyatt's rocking chair, so I hardly feel sorry for him.

This is my idea of relaxation. Warmth, cute space heaters, sun, furry sleeping pets, and fluffy finches. Now where did I put my book?

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